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Careers in Health Care Quiz

Continuing Education Units:

A. units that help you to obtain a 2 or 4 year degree

B. credit hours above a bachelor’s degree

C. education hours which are required to renew licenses or maintain certification or registration in many states

D. health science career cluster classes

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Carbohydrates Surgical & Complementary Terms Functional Neuroanatomy of the CNS Tissues Nutrition & Wellness The Cardiovascular System OCR A-level History of Immunology Homeostasis and Disease Cell Thyroid and Intro to Endocrinology Philosophy Malaria CABG Surgery Muscle pathophysiology Diseases and Preventions

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Most health care workers at the technologist or therapist level have a minimum of a(an):

A. Associate’s Degree

B. Bachelor’s Degree

C. Master’s Degree

D. Doctoral Degree