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Musculoskeletal System Quiz

Which muscle movement is best described as bending the foot forward or bending the foot away from the knee?

A. Plantar Flexion

B. Dorsiflexion

C. Supination

D. Extension

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Chest, Back, Abs › View

What muscle is shown here?

A. Trapezius

B. Rhomboid major

C. Latissimus dorsi

D. Semispinalis capitis

Restrictive Respiratory Disorders › View

The following describes which restrictive pulmonary disease:

Open: air enters through chest wall opening;
Closed: no external wound: fx of rib, mech vent, spontaneous rupture of blebs;
Tension: open or close – life threatening: one way valve –> only air enters –> pressure builds & displacement of heart

A. Plural effusion


C. Pulmonary fibrosis

D. Pneumothorax