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Musculoskeletal System Quiz

Which muscle movement is best described as bending the foot forward or bending the foot away from the knee?

A. Plantar Flexion

B. Dorsiflexion

C. Supination

D. Extension

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Cardiorespiratory System › View

Besides delivering oxygen to your muscles, what is another important function of the cardiorespiratory system?

A. Eliminating carbon dioxide from cells

B. Obtaining nutrients from food

C. Absorbing vitamins

D. Eliminating carbon monoxide from cells

Nature of Science › View

Look at the picture and determine one quantitative observation you could make.
A.     Both beakers have blue liquid in them.
B.     it weighs 100 grams
C.     the blue liquid is water
D.     One beaker has 500 mL of blue liquid in it