Medical Quiz

Cardiorespiratory System Quiz

What is the correct pathway for a de-oxygenated blood cell to get from a muscle to the lungs?

A. Muscle, veins, capillaries, heart, lungs

B. Muscle, capillaries, veins, heart, lungs

C. Muscle, capillaries, arteries, heart, lungs

D. Muscle, capillaries, trachea, heart, lungs

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If two organisms reproduce sexually, then their offspring will exhibit a genetic makeup that is –

A. identical to only one parent

B. identical to all of its siblings

C. a unique combination of traits

D. none of the above

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What is a balanced diet?

A. Eating all the nutrients in the same amount

B. Eating the different nutrients in the correct amounts

C. Eating a variety of foods in the same amounts

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