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Cardiorespiratory System Quiz

What is the correct pathway for a de-oxygenated blood cell to get from a muscle to the lungs?

A. Muscle, veins, capillaries, heart, lungs

B. Muscle, capillaries, veins, heart, lungs

C. Muscle, capillaries, arteries, heart, lungs

D. Muscle, capillaries, trachea, heart, lungs

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May cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, mucositis and stomatitis is a counseling point for what medication

A. Gleevec

B. Adriamycin

C. Leukine

D. Cytoxan

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Under which of the following case is the abnormal substance excreted in urine?

A. Elevated level of substance in the blood.

B. Kidney disease

C. Urinary tract infection

D. All of the above