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Major Organs Quiz

Which one is not one of the liver’s functions?

A. Making bile.

B. Making different hormones.

C. Filtering ammonia and urea.

D. Removing poisons.

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Orthopedics Levels of Organization IV Therapy and Blood Transfusion Hazards & Risks Characteristics of Life Genes, Chromosomes and Genome Neuron Structure Excretion Speed, Flexibility part of Components of Physical Fitness Nutrition and Calorific Value Cell Injury Respiration, Immune System, Blood Cells Composition of Blood and Blood Cells Cardiovascular System Terminology Radiology Infection Control

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Which of the following about verbal stimulation is false?

A. The volume with which the command is given affects the strength of resulting muscle contraction

B. Louder command when strong muscle contraction is required

C. Softer and calmer tone when the goal is relaxation and relief of pain

D. It has no effect on our muscles or strength

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In the epidemiological triangle of the Agent-Host –Environmental Model, what is known to be the cause of the disease?

A. Agent

B. Host

C. Environment