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What part of your brain is responsible for helping you to focus on a conversation with others in a noisy environment, to hear and respond to your name in a noisy environment, and to constantly help you to keep recognizing cars on the road that are similar to the car you are driving?

A. Reticular Activating System

B. Pons

C. Hypothalamus

D. Cerebrum

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A. The scientific study of the function of the human body and its parts.

B. A group of like cells combined together in the body.

C. A system of the body that consists of various organs with similar functions.

D. A group of specialized cells for a specific body organ, such as bone tissue or muscle tissue.

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Which malformation may be associated with neck swelling post-CEA?

A. pseudoaneurysm

B. hematoma

C. infection

D. all of the above