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Phlebotomy Medical Terminology Quiz

What child vaccine has everyone thinking it leads to Autism?

A. Chicken Pox

B. Pertussis

C. Diptheria

D. Measles

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Phlebotomy Medical Terminology Regulation of Urine Formation Excretion Components of Blood Effect of Exercise on Cardio Respiratory System & Muscular Neuroanatomy Entomology Skin Structure Nutrition and Human Digestive System Innate Immunity Diagnostics and Pathology Reports EKG Medical Term Trauma Surgery Major Internal Organs of the Body Disease

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Which organ do forensic investigators insert the thermometer to record the body temp of corpse?

A. Liver

B. Kidney

C. Heart

D. Lungs

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The chemical compound modifications to the DNA code that can tell the DNA code what to do

A. genome

B. epigenome

C. microgenetics

D. RNA codon