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Tissues Vet Science Terms Quiz


A. integument

B. myofiber

C. Displaced Abomasum

D. Neurons

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Homeostasis - Vision Correction General Anatomy Basic Structure of the Human Body Excretory and Musculoskeletal System Body Fluids & Circulation Vitamins and Minerals Muscular System Animal Genetics and Nutrition Heredity and Living Cells DNA and Polypeptide Synthesis Tongue and Skin Consciousness and Sleep Vision and Light Cell Theory and Cellular Structure PHYSIOLOGY OF KIDNEY

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Nervous System › View

The Central Nervous System is made of two main parts:

A. heart and brain

B. Brain and Eyes

C. frontal lobe and Brain

D. Brain and Spinal Cord

Regulation of Urine Formation › View

Renal failure

A. When the bladder cannot empty

B. when the kidneys stop filtering waste properly

C. When we urinate to much

D. When a kidney stone forms