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Body Systems Quiz

Which of these 3 systems work together to get the body the oxygen and sugar that it needs to make ATP(energy)?

A. Digestive – Cardiovascular -Urinary

B. Cardiovascular – Respiratory – Reproductive

C. Respiratory – Digestive – Lymphatic

D. Cardiovascular – Digestive – Respiratory

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Microbiology › View

Human blood types involve all of the following except

A. MHC genes.

B. ABO antigen markers.

C. genetically determined glycoprotein markers.

D. genes that code for an enzyme that adds a terminal carbohydrate to RBC receptors.

Cell Reproduction › View

If an organism reproduces asexually, its offspring will most likely be…

A. genetically identical to the parent

B. genetically different from each other

C. produced from specialized cells known as gametes

D. A mutant