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Circulation and Excretion Quiz

In which of the following would you expect to have the greatest blood pressure on the aorta?

A. systole of the left ventricle

B. diastole of the left ventricle

C. systole of the right atrium

D. systole of the right ventricle

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Respiratory and Circulatory › View

Tiny sacs in the lungs where gas exchange with the blood takes place.

A. alveoli

B. veins

C. valves

D. clots

Vital Signs › View

Which statement about the size of a blood pressure cuff is TRUE?
A. The bladder of the cuff needs to cover about 80% of the circumference of the arm.
B. Cuffs should cover about 80% of the length of the upper arm.
C. Blood pressure cuffs are indicated by the age of the patient.
D. Except for infant cuffs, all adults use the same size cuff.