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Cariology Quiz

Is an art and science that results from the synthesis of scientific knowledge, clinical experience, intuition, and common sense.

A. Treatment planning

B. Detection

C. Diagnosis

D. Diagnosis and treatment planning

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Vitamins Hospital Wards and Departments Nutrition, Neuroscience & Mental Health Microbiology Health issue related to immune system Aerobic- Cardio Respiratory Endurance Cardiovascular Pathophysiology Infection Factors that Affect Health and Wellness Viruses Bone Respiratory, Cardiovascular & Oncology Biology Central and Peripheral Nervous System Excretion

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What is an example of a pivot joint?

A. hip joint

B. knee joint

C. neck joint

D. skull joint

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It helps us to digest our food. It’s in vegetables and fruit.

A. fats

B. fibre

C. carbohydrates

D. protein