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Musculoskeletal/Endocrine Systems Quiz

A painful condition where pressure within the muscles builds up, preventing blood and oxygen from flowing to muscles and nerves. Very serious complication that can sometimes occur after a surgical procedure

A. Compartment syndrome

B. Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome

C. Wernicke’s syndrome

D. Expansion syndrome

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Vitamins › View

A diet lacking in ___________ leads to the development of a disease known as scurvy.

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin B

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin D

Hospital Wards and Departments › View

A branch of medicine that specializes in the care of women during pregnancy and childbirth and in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive organs.

A. Medical services

B. Neurology and clinical neurophysiology

C. Obstetrics and gynecology