Medical Quiz

Musculoskeletal System Quiz

This type of muscles main function is movement

A. Smooth

B. Cardiac

C. Skeletal

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Medical Vocabulary Body System Oronasal Suctioning Physical Pharmacy Viruses Plasmid Oral Surgery Disease & Immunity Heart Structure and Double Circulation Antimicrobial Pharmacology Skeletal Tissue Pathogens Parts of the Skin Osteoporosis Brain/Neuron Anatomy

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Immune Response › View

Proteins produced by B cells and designed to mark antigens to be destroyed, specific to the antigen.

A. Antigens

B. Active Immunity

C. Antibodies

D. Antibiotics

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to clean a residents lower dentures you need to:

A. line the sink with a towel

B. clean it over the kidney basin

C. use very hot water

D. use toothpaste and a toothbrush