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Body Systems & Anatomical Terms Quiz


Which of the following is a POSITIVE Feedback loop to maintain homeostasis?

A. Increasing body temperature when cold by shivering

B. Decreasing body temerature when hot when sweating

C. Increasing blood flow to a small cut to stimulate scab formation

D. Decreasing heart rate & blood pressure in a stressful situation (such as an Anatomy test!)

You just enjoyed a Caramel Swirl Hot Latte with Milk from Dunkin’. Your blood sugar is really high (because there is 54 grams of sugar in it!) Which type of feedback loop will your body use to bring your blood sugar back to normal?

A. Negative Feedback

B. Positive Feedback

All of the following are part of the muscular system EXCEPT

A. Quadriceps

B. Hamstrings

C. Femur

D. Glutes

You notice that your skin is breaking out, and a friend says, “Oh, it’s just your hormones!” Name the body system that controls the release of hormones

A. Cardiovascular/Circulatory System

B. Endocrine System

C. Excretory/Urinary System

D. Integumentary System

What is the anatomical name for the FINGERS & TOES?

A. Metacarpals

B. Metatarsals

C. Phalangeal/Digital

D. Tarsals

Which two body systems BEST collaborate to maintain homeostasis in the body?

A. Endorine & Nervous Systems

B. Circulartory/Cardiovascular & Endocrine Systems

C. Circulartory/Cardiovascular & Nervous Systems

D. Nervous & Digestive Systems

Your stomach is GROWLING because you are HANGRY! The body system that controls metabolic reactions in the body after you eat a snack would be…

A. Circulatory System

B. Cardiovascular System

C. Digestive System

D. Muscular System

Which of the following is part of the immune system

A. Spleen

B. Pancreas

C. Thyroid Gland

D. Heart

You are doing your best to drink 80 ounces of water each day for your October wellness goal. Name the body system responsible for controlling the water levels and liquid waste of your body

A. Immune System

B. Excretory/Urinary System

C. Integumentary System

D. Endocrine System

Your friend was playing in an intense UDJAA basketball game and was accidentally elbowed in the eye while going for a rebound. Which anatomical region has the black eye?

A. Frontal

B. Orbital

C. Otic

D. Occipital

Which hormone will your body release to help control your rising blood sugar from your Caramel Swirl Hot Latte with Milk from Dunkin’?

A. Adrenaline

B. Cortisol

C. Insulin

D. Norepinephrine

Which organ in your Endocrine/Digestive systems will release Insulin to control your blood sugar from your Dunkin’ Latte?

A. Liver

B. Gall Bladder

C. Pancreas

D. Thyroid Gland

Your body is actively engaged in a negative feedback loop, causing you to sweat vigorously after a hard workout. Which anatomical region will be most likely affected?

A. Axillary region

B. Carpal region

C. Orbital region

D. Tarsal region

All of the following are part of the Alimentary Canal of the Digestive System EXCEPT

A. Esophagus

B. Stomach

C. Liver

D. Intestines

Which of the following body systems is best protected by bone?

A. Circulatory/Cardiovascular System

B. Nervous System

C. Respiratory System

D. Digestive System

Which hormone below is used in a Positive Feedback loop to regulate childbirth and also to encourage social interaction under moments of stress?

A. Adrenaline

B. Glucagon

C. Oxytocin

D. Human Growth Hormone

What is the anatomical name for the FRONT of the KNEE?

A. Patellar

B. Popliteal

All of the following are functions of the skeletal system EXCEPT

A. Protection

B. Hemopoiesis

C. Movement

D. Water Balance

All of the following are parts of the Integumentary system EXCEPT

A. Sebaceous (Oil) Glands

B. Sudoriferous (Sweat) Glands

C. Epidermis

D. Pituitary Gland

What is the anatomical name for the FOREHEAD

A. Cranial

B. Frontal

C. Buccal

D. Mental


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