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Clinical Pathology Quiz


What should the label of urine sample container contain?

1. Name
2. Age
3. Gender
4. Date of sample Collection

A. Only 1 and 2 are CORRECT

B. Only 2 is CORRECT

C. Only 1 and 3 are CORRECT

D. All are CORRECT

In Clinical Pathology, which of these samples are investigated?

A. Sputum


C. Urine

D. Stool

E. All

There are 4 kidneys in a normal human body.



What amount of urine sample is required for a urinalysis?

A. 1-2ml

B. 2-4ml

C. 10-20ml

D. 5ml

In which part of the day is the urine sample preferred?

A. Morning

B. Night

C. Evening

D. Mid night

Which of the following does NOT belong to the urinary system?

A. Urethra

B. Ureter

C. Bladder

D. Prostate

From which part of the urinary system is urine discharged out of the body?

A. Urethra

B. Urinary bladder

C. Kidney

D. Nephrons

Where is urine stored?

A. Urethera

B. Kidney

C. Bladder

D. Nephrons

Which of the following organ filters the blood?

A. Kidney

B. Urinary bladder

C. Urethra

D. All of the above

One of the main functions of the urinary system is to remove urea from the blood.



What is the role of kidneys?

A. Help regulate blood volume

B. Help Control blood pressure

C. Help control PH

D. All of the above

Under which of the following case is the abnormal substance excreted in urine?

A. Elevated level of substance in the blood.

B. Kidney disease

C. Urinary tract infection

D. All of the above

Which part of the urine stream should be collected as the sample?

A. First part

B. Mid part

C. Last part

D. Any part

What is the characteristic of container of urine sample collection?

A. Clean

B. Wide mouth

C. Narrow mouth

D. Both A and B

Nephrons are responsible for making urine.




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