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DNA Replication Quiz

The enzyme that unzips the DNA to prepare for replication
A. helicase
B. replicase
C. polymerase
D. synthase

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Muscle & Nerve Tissue › View

Muscle tissue

A. Is tissue that functions in lining, covering, and glandular tissue

B. Is tissue involved in protecting, supporting, and binding together other body tissues

C. Is tissue that contracts and shortens to produce movement 

D. Tissue that receives and conducts electrochemical impulses from one part of the body to another

Health Unit Coordinating › View

Transcription for HUCs means:

A. the HUC may order anything he/she wants.

B. the HUC will process the physician’s orders.

C. the HUC will type dictated notes for the doctor.

D. the HUC will send the physician’s order to medical transcription.