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These cause variations.
A. mutations
B. adaptations
C. a desire to change
D. injuries

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Homeostasis, Nutrition, Digestion & Absorption Factors that Affect Health and Wellness The Cell Cycle Body Structures and Organ Systems Thyroid Pharmacology Characteristics of Life & Viruses Pathophysiology - Adaptive Immunity Brain/Neuron Anatomy Asexual/Sexual Reproduction Nervous System Anatomy: Muscle Immunology Cardiology Medications Terms for The Skeletal System

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According to the graph shown here, which form of transport produces the least greenhouse gas emissions?

A. Bike or walking

B. Large 4WD: driver only

C. Average car: driver only

D. Fuel-efficient car: 4 people

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Which of the following nutrients supply the MOST energy ?

A. glucose

B. starch

C. proteins

D. lipids