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Meiosis and intro to Genetics Quiz

If a trait shows up more commonly in men than women it is probably
A. not inherited
B. on the x chromosome and dominant
C. on the x chromosome and recessive
D. on a normal body chromosome

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Cardiovascular System › View

Look at the structures and identify the name of each blood vessel

A. A: Vein
B: Artery
C :Capillary

B. A: Artery
B: Vein
C: Capillary

C. A: Capillary
B: Vein
C: Artery

D. A: Artery
B: Capilary
C: Vein

Nervous System › View

The division of the PNS that controls voluntary muscle movements

A. sympathetic

B. autonomic

C. somatic

D. sciatic