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Medical Terminology Quiz

lways ad an _______ to any suffix beginning with r

A. r

B. a

C. e

D. o

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Serology/Blood Typing Doctor Equipments Cardiovascular Pathophysiology Virus, Bacteria, Immunity Restrictive Respiratory Disorders Nervous / Sensory System Heart Anatomy Respiratory and Circulatory Pollution Purpose and Function of the Skeletal System Injury Infant Nutrition Stimuli and Responses in Humans Chemistry Diseases of The Digestive System

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Epithelial Tissue › View

Given these characteristics:

1. capable of contraction
2. covers all free body surfaces
3. lacks blood vessels
4. comprises various glands
5. anchored to connective tissue by a basement membrane

Which of these are characteristics of epithelial tissue?

A. 1,2,3

B. 2,3,5

C. 3,4,5

D. 1,2,3,4

E. 2,3,4,5

The Human Eye › View

These are the structures in the eye that perceives color

A. Rods

B. Cones

C. Blind Spot

D. Pupil