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Thyroid Gland Quiz

Why do thyroid hormones affect every cells in the body ?

A. Thyroid hormones don’t affect every cells

B. They don’t need thyroid hormones

C. They need energy to survive

D. None of these above

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Increased muscle tone (plastic type) without significant loss of muscle power and increase in tendon reflexes.

A. tremor

B. rigidity

C. festination

D. bradykinesia

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Most genes have many more than two alleles. However, which of the following is also true?

A. At least one allele for a gene always produces a dominant phenotype.

B. There may still be only two phenotypes for the trait.

C. All of the alleles but one will produce harmful effects if homozygous

D. Most of the alleles will never be found in a live-born organism.