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Circulatory System Quiz

___ is a group of organs and tissues that act as transfer stations carrying needed materials to cells and removing their waste products.

A. circulatory system

B. respiratory system

C. nervous system

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What is the difference between acute and chronic injury?

A. Acute injuries occur from prolonged over-use, while chronic injuries result from a specific event.

B. Acute injuries have a sudden onset and are traced to a specific event, while chronic injuries occur from prolonged over-use.

C. Acute injuries are caused by biomechanical issues, while chronic injuries are the result of improper form or technique.

D. Acute injuries are characterized by sudden onset of symptoms, while chronic injuries have a definite time of occurrence.

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The presence of starch in a leaf is proof that:

A. Respiration has taken place

B. Photosynthesis has taken place

C. Reproduction has taken place

D. The leaf will be delicious