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Nervous System Quiz

Which cranial nerve plays a role in your sense of smell?

A. Olfactory (CN I)

B. Optic (CNII)

C. Trigeminal (CN V)

D. Hypoglossal (CN XII)

E. Vagus (CN X)

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Urinalysis/ Immunology Make up › View

If the patient has a positive nitrite and positive leukocyte esterase test then you are probably going to see ______________and ______________under the microscope.

A. glucose/bacteria

B. bacteria/spermatozoa

C. bacteria/rbc

D. bacteria/wbc

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What is the protective covering of the kidney called?

A. Renal Capsule

B. Renal Cortex

C. Renal Medulla

D. Renal Pelvis