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Medical Terminology Quiz

What is the study of blood called?

A. Oncology

B. Hematology

C. Cardiology

D. physiology

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Genetics Vocabulary Molecular Basis of Inheritance Life Processes - Digestion and Respiration Metabolism Human Circulatory System Health Issues Related to Digesting System and Eating Habits Pathology Endocrine Components of Blood Nephrology (Hemodialysis) Medicinal use of Microorganisims CNA Introduction The Energy Nutrients Nutrition in Animals Philosophy Biological Molecules

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A process that requires oxygen

A. anaerobic

B. cardio

C. aerobic

D. O2

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molecule (often a protein) on the cell surface that can trigger an immune response in the body 

A. antigen 

B. cytokines 

C. memory cells 

D. lymphocyte