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Digestive System Quiz

The process by which nutrient molecules pass through the wall of your digestive system into your blood.

A. absorption

B. digestion

C. peristalsis

D. villi

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In which type of dementia will a person have plaques and tangles in their brains?

A. Alzheimer’s Disease

B. Vascular Dementia

C. Dementia with Lewy Bodies

D. Frontotemporal Dementia

Heredity and Living Cells › View

Are humans more similar to trees or bacteria? How do you know?

A. Humans are more similar to trees because all plants and animals are part of the same domain

B. Humans are more similar to bacteria because trees cannot move around their environment.

C. Humans are more similar to trees because bacteria are too small to see.

D. Humans are not similar to trees or bacteria. Humans are a special species that is not related to any other species on Earth.