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Purpose and Function of the Skeletal System Quiz

The bones of the __________ skeleton are the bones of the head, trunk, vertebrae and ribs.

A. Axial

B. Appendicular

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Skeletal System Homeostatic Imbalances › View

An 85 year old woman lost her balance and fell backwards, landing on her bottom. Upon hitting the ground and for hours afterward, she complained of severe back pain. Her family took her to the doctor for Xrays and it was revealed she had compressed her thoracic vertebral bones (T8 & T9), resulting in a fracture. This type of fracture is called a ________________fracture.

A. compression

B. spiral

C. greenstick

D. transverse

Muscle Histology › View

Which muscle tissue controls dilation/constriction of blood vessels, pupils?

A. Cardiac muscle tissue

B. Skeletal muscle tissue

C. Smooth muscle tissue