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Tissues Vet Science Terms Quiz

collections of tissues

A. organ

B. Ligaments

C. porcine stress syndrome

D. central nervous system

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Heart Health and Social Care Stress Human Eye Cellular Components Diseases Communicable or non Communicable AEMT EMS Systems Bone Marrow Histology Microrganisms Macromolecules & Enzymes Diagnostics and Pathology Reports Biology Assessment Medicine on the Western Front Inflammation and Tissue Repair Infection Control

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Which acid base balance usually occurs in inhalation injury?

A. respiratory alkalosis

B. metabolic alkalosis

C. Respiratory acidosis

D. metabolic acidosis

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What is activation energy?

A. The maximum amount of energy used

B. The minimum amount of energy required for a reaction to start

C. The energy of the reactants

D. The energy possessed by the products