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Works on a CCD which is electronically connected to a computer where the image is formed and represented by a spatially distant set of discrete sensors and pixels.

A. Digital Imaging


C. Diagnodent device

D. None of the above

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Physical and Sensory Impairment Body Fluids & Circulation Blood clotting Pain Management Infectious Disease The Cardiovascular System OCR A-level Cell Diversity - Organization, Tissues, Plants and Animals Teeths Hormones Mutations, Replication, and Cancer Pancreatitis Hemodynamics Cell Injury Infant Nutrition Heterotrophic Nutrition

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How does your body feel if you have a fever?

A. too hot

B. hungry

C. too heavy

D. healthy

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we have ___________ canines

A. 3

B. 6

C. 5

D. 4