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Radiology Infection Control Quiz

Instruments that contacts but does not penetrate soft tissue or bone is:

A. Critical Instruments

B. Semi-Critical Instruments

C. Non-Critical Instruments

D. Infectious Waste

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Physical Pharmacy Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa Fungi Body Defense Eye and Ear Movement and Locomotion Weight Management Muscle Anatomy Glucose in the Body Prehabilitation and Conditioning Nail Diseases and Disorders Body System Genes and Cells PBS Routine Testing Reproduction Mnt For Pulmonary Disease and Adverse Reactions to Food

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Are male gonads that not only produce sperm but also produce and secrete androgens, primarily testosterone.

A. Testes

B. Ovaries

C. Thymus

D. Thymosin

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How did the Coronavirus start? Due to…

A. a fish.

B. a bird.

C. a snake.

D. a bat.