Medical Quiz

Eye and Ear Quiz

Photoreceptors that detect gray tones in low light

A. Rods

B. Cones

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Terms and Definitions - Diseases Name that Pathogen The Cell Healthy Lifestyle Bones Cell - Fundamental Unit of Life Blood & Blood Vessels Cardiac & Diseases of Blood Flow Axial & Appendicular Skeleton Effect of Exercise on Cardio Respiratory System & Muscular Macronutrients & Micronutrients Circulatory & Respiratory Body Structures and Organ Systems Basic Structure of the Human Body Blood types and Blood Components

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Integumentary System › View

Produce hairs that provide delicate touch sensations on general body surface

A. sebacious glands

B. hair follicles

C. nails

D. keratinization

Safety and First Aid › View

A ………………. is a device used to put out fires

A. Fire extinguisher

B. Speak

C. Sprained