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Human Excretory System Quiz


The high pressure capillary network that pushes fluid out of the bloodstream is the:

A. Proximal Tubule

B. Distal Tubule

C. Loop of Henle

D. Glomerulus

Mammals get rid of Nitrogenous waste by producing:

A. Urea

B. Ammonia

C. Uric Acid

D. NO2 gas

The process of removal of the body’s wastes is called

A. gas exchange.

B. respiration.

C. excretion.

D. filtration.

Urine flows out of the kidneys through narrow tubes called

A. Gallbladder

B. Ureter

C. Nephrons

D. Urethra

What is #1?

A. Kidney

B. Ureters

C. Bladder

D. Urethra

Blood flows into the kidney along the:

A. Renal Venule

B. Renal Artery

C. Glomerulus

D. Hepatic Artery

What is #3?

A. Kidney

B. Ureters

C. Bladder

D. Urethra

What is the main function of the excretory system?

A. to collect and remove wastes from the body

B. to strengthen skeletal muscles

C. to protect the nervous system

D. to bring oxygen to body cells

Which organ of the excretory system stores urine until the body is ready to eliminate it?

A. ureters

B. urethra

C. urinary bladder

D. urea

Under normal conditions, which of the following substances is found in urine?

A. blood cells

B. protein

C. glucose

D. urea

These organs are responsible for what?

A. storing urine

B. storing water

C. filtering blood

D. they don’t have a particular job

Which excretory organ eliminates water and some chemical wastes in perspiration?

A. lungs

B. skin

C. liver

D. kidneys

The tube that carries urine from the kidney into the bladder is called the:

A. Ureter

B. Urethra

C. Proximal Tubule

D. Collecting Duct

The part of the nephron where fluid is absorbed from the circulatory system is the:

A. Ascending Loop of Henle

B. Descending Loop of Henle

C. Bowman’s Capsule

D. Malphigian Tubule

What organ is D pointing to?

A. Ureters

B. Bladder

C. Urethra

D. Kidney


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