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Eye and Ear Quiz

Which part of the ear is MOST similar to the retina of the eye due to its ability to transduce energy? That is, it contains cells that convert the “sense” (vision/hearing) into a nerve impulse.

A. Cochlea

B. Semi-Circular Canals

C. Tympanic Membrane

D. Ossicles

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A student traces the path of a ray through a glass prism for four different values of angle of incidence. On analysing the diagrams he is likely to conclude that the emergent ray

A. is always parallel to the incident ray.

B. is always perpendicular to the incident ray.

C. is always parallel to the refracted ray.

D. always bends at an angle to the direction of incident ray.

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Which of the following is a chemistry test?

A. Hemoglobin A1c

B. hematocrit

C. Platelet count