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Musculoskeletal System Quiz

An example of Skeletal muscle is

A. Tricep

B. Digestive tract

C. Heart

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EKG CCMA 3M Micropara Muscularskeletal System Name that Pathogen Properties of Hair and Scalp Histology - Tissues Nursing Vocabulary Excretion in Humans Neurons Muscles Genetic Diseases Microbial Growth & Nutrition Genetics Restrictive Respiratory Disorders Transport System

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The BMI range of 25-29.9 kg/m^2 would be classified as:

A. Pre-Obesity

B. Obese Class I

C. Obese Class II

D. Obese Class III

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Type of embolism – can cause infracts in the brain, intestines, lower extremities, kidneys and heart

A. Pulmonary arterial embolism

B. Thromboembolism