Medical Quiz

Diseases and Preventions Quiz


Being free from illness or injury is what?

A. Coronavirus

B. Disease

C. Health

D. Quarantine

What is a type of disease that can spread from one person to another?

A. Covid-19 or corona

B. A broken Foot

C. Heart disease

D. Bad breath

Signs of a disease are called

A. Symptoms

B. Good

C. corona

D. Covid-19

How long should you wash your hands?

A. 1 hour

B. 1 minute

C. 400 seconds

D. 20 seconds

What is a word that means the same as prevent?

A. Go

B. Virus

C. Stop

D. start

A high body temperature is called what?

A. Fever

B. Sign

C. Medicine

D. Quarantine

Which system is the heart in?

A. Circulatory

B. Digestive

C. Cardiovascular

Something that causes the body not to work.

A. Disability

B. Parents

C. Disease

D. Food

How can you stop the spread of a virus?

A. Sneeze

B. cough

C. Social distance

D. shake hands

Something that causes the body not to work normally.

A. Disease

B. A mask

C. Medicine

D. Sneezing

STAYING AWAY from others to STOP a virus.

A. disease

B. germ

C. bacteria

D. quarantine

Health that deals with emotions, feelings and your thoughts is called what?

A. Mental health

B. Physical health

C. Muscle health

D. Family health

Which system are the lungs in?

A. respiratory

B. digestive

C. excretory

A sign something is wrong in the body.

A. Symptom

B. health

C. self-isolation

D. accident

What is a germ?

A. a virus

B. pizza

C. insects

D. soap


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