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Anabolic path way is known as

A. Anabolic path way is known as

B. Anabolic path way is known as

C. Anabolic path way is known as

D. Anabolic path way is known as

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Specialties: Neurological and Geriatric Transportation and Excretion Musculoskeletal System Epithelial Physical Fitness Components Patho_Genetics Disease, Illness and Sickness Excretion-Dialysis Blood clotting Composition of Blood and Blood Cells Bacterial Resistance and Biotechnology The nervous system & brain Dermis Infectious Diseases Special Senses

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A homozygous plant with red petals (AA) mates with another homozygous plant with white petals (aa) and produces an offspring with both red and white petals. Based on this information, which type of dominance do the alleles for petal colour display?

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B. Incomplete Dominance

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