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Digestion Quiz

What is the difference between the small and large intestine?

A. The small intestine is shorter

B. The large intestine is skinnier

C. The small intestine is skinnier and longer

D. The large intestine is longer

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Bleeding into the tissue surrounding the eye is known as

A. orbital fracture

B. orbital hematoma

C. corneal abrasion

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When one of the factors that aid the collapse of lungs during expiration is missing, the result is common disease. What is the name of the disease and the lack of which factor caused it?

A. Emphysema; results from lack of surface tension in alveolar fluid

B. Pneumonia; results from lack of surface tension in alveolar fluid

C. Emphysema; results from lack of elasticity

D. Wheresmydrinkma; results from lack of diet dr kelp