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Fluid and Electrolytes Quiz

An infant comes to the ER with a sunken anterior fontanel and has lost 9% of their body weight. Mother has been complaining that infant has been urinating dark color urine and has been crying with barely any tears. What degree of dehydration is this?

A. Mild

B. Moderate

C. Severe

D. Mild and Moderate

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Body Fluids & Circulation › View

A certain road accident patient with unknown blood group needs immediate blood transfusion. His one donor friend at once offers his blood. What was the blood group of the donor?

A. Blood Group B

B. Blood group AB

C. Blood group O

D. Blood group A

Reproduction › View

What is IVF?

A. Sperm is directly inserted into the uterus.

B. The egg cell is fertilised outside the body and then implanted back into the uterus.

C. A hormone.

D. When sperm is inserted into the vagina.