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Breathing ...Respiration Quiz

The villus of the ileum is BEST adapted to

A. absorb water from undigested food

B. help in digestion

C. increase the surface area for absorption

D. decrease movement of food

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Nephrology (Hemodialysis) › View

Post dialysis blood sampling procedure as in blood sampling for KT/V measurement

A. ensure 4 hours of dialysis completed

B. reduced blood pump speed to 10-20mls per minute

C. clamp venous presure and wait for 30 seconds

D. draw 2mls of blood sample venous sampling port into heparinised blood specimen tube.

The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels and Hemodynamics › View

Which of the followining vessels bring blood to the inferior vena cava?

A. coronary sinus and subclavian veins.

B. external jagular and carotid artery.

C. radial and brachial vein.

D. renal and common iliac veins