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Musculoskeletal/Endocrine Systems Quiz

Movement by which the two ends of any jointed part are moved away from each other. (Making an angle larger)

A. Flexion

B. Dorsiflexion

C. Rotation

D. Extension

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Disease Cards › View

highly contagious, acute viral respiratory illness that now has a vaccine; causes total body skin rash and fever along with breathing difficulty; no longer; has not originated in the US since 2000, but many outbreaks from foreign travelers

A. Tubercuolsis

B. Whooping Cough

C. Trichinosis

D. Measles

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What antidote should be considered or kept on hand to treat opioid overdose in a patient who exhibits signs of respiratory arrest?

A. Flumazenil

B. Administer oxygen

C. The opioid antagonist (Narcan or naloxone)

D. Vitamin K