Medical Quiz

Surgical tech-safety Quiz


What should not be used in the OR

A. closed toes shoes

B. extension cords

C. eyewear

D. 3 prong red outlets

Equipment used by CRNA or MD for induction, maintenance, monitoring, and reversal of a patient undergoing surgery

A. mayfield brace

B. anesthesia cart

C. bovie

D. boom

Soiled sponges from the operative field are discarded into l

A. trash can

B. kick bucket

C. mayo

D. linen hamper

The emergency shut off valve for the Supply of oxygen into n OR is designated by which color

A. plume

B. prone

C. recovery

D. green

which of the following is the type of head fixation used frequently for craniotomy procedures?

A. halo

B. head wrap

C. mayfield brace

D. backtable

Which of the following diagnostic studies emits ionizing radiation?

A. fluroscopy

B. amplification

C. latex

D. Rast

What distance from the portable X-ray unit should sterile members of the surgical team stand to reduce their exposure while the iamge is being taken?

A. 10 feet

B. 8 feet

C. 6 feet

D. 12 inches

Area of an operating room suite adjacent to an OR, which may contain a scrub sink or immediate-use steam sterilizer

A. substerile

B. pre-op

C. laboratory

D. anesthesia

Area of an operating room suite where patients IV lines are started, sign consents, interview with surgeons, anesthesia provider, and nurses prior to transfer to the OR for procedures

A. pre-operative

B. intraoperative


D. Waiting room

what is the abbreviation for the sets of references that provide information about all potentially hazardous chemicals used in the perioperative setting and must be accessible to health care workers?



C. OR Manual

which of the following is a substance that is derived from tropical trees and that patients and health care workers may be highly allergic to?

A. amoxicilin

B. antibiotics

C. narcotics

D. latex

Real-time intraoperative radiography that emits large amounts of ionizing radiation and requires use of C-arm image intensifier

A. formalin

B. fluoroscopy


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