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Mitosis for Mya Quiz


Before cells can divide, what must be copied?

A. Nucleotides



D. Centrioles

When a cell divides we want that cell to be ________ to the parent cell.

A. Genetically identical

B. Genetically different

C. Variants

D. Adjacent

In what phase of mitosis do spindles form on centrioles?

A. Prophase

B. Telophase

C. Metaphase

D. Anaphase

Interphase has 3 stages; G1, S, and G2.  What happens during synthesis?

A. Cells grow and carry out normal functions

B. Cells copy organelles and prepare for a critical checkpoint

C. The cell splits into two new daughter cells

D. The cell makes a copy of its DNA

The ___________ holds the replicated sister chromatids together.

A. centriole

B. chromosomes

C. centromere

D. cycles

DNA is packed into __________

A. Chromosomes

B. Centrioles

C. Spindles

D. Chromatids

In what phase of mitosis do pairs of chromatids become attached to the fibers of a spindle?

A. Prophase

B. Telophase

C. Metaphase

D. Anaphase

What structure allows DNA to ravel into chromosomes

A. Centromere

B. Isosome

C. nucleic acid

D. nucleotide

E. Histones

In interphase…

A. The cytoplasmic organelles double in size

B. The cytoplasmic organelles double in number

C. The cytoplasmic organelles divide in quarters

D. The cytoplasmic organelles are replicated by ribosomes

In what phase of interphase does a cell produce a supply of organelles for its daughter cells?

A. G1

B. S

C. G2

What forms to separate plant cells?

A. Cell Wall

B. Cell Separator

C. Cell Cap

D. Cell Plate

In what phase of mitosis do chromosomes line up at the center of the cell?

A. Telophase

B. Anaphase

C. Metaphase

D. Interphase

Which of these lists presents the stages of the cell cycle in the correct order?

A. interphase, mitosis, cytokinesis

B. cytokinesis, mitosis, interphase

C. mitosis, interphase, cytokinesis

D. interphase, cytokinesis, mitosis

What name do we give this diagram?

A. Karotype

B. Isohedric

C. Globular scan

D. Fibroscan


The division of cytoplasm is called..

A. Prophase

B. Telophase

C. Cytokinesis

D. Cyto furrow

This genetic material can only be found during cell division.

A. Chromosomes

B. Chromatin

C. Histology



In what phase of mitosis does the cell pinch to begin to form two cells?

A. Interphase

B. Metaphase

C. Anaphase

D. Telophase

The structure labeled A is a(n)

A. chromatid

B. centriole

C. centromere

D. chromophere

The cell spends most of it’s life in ________________.

A. mitosis

B. cytokinesis

C. Interphase

D. None of the above

The proccess in which cellular material is divided between two daughter cells

A. Cellular division

B. Cellular separation

C. Meiosis

D. cytokenisis

In what phase of Interphase does DNA divide rapidly?

A. G1

B. S

C. G2

What are the two main stages of the cell cycle?

A. Prophase and Mitosis

B. Mitosis and G1

C. Interphase and Telophase

D. Interphase and Mitosis

Chromosomes carry identical sets of genes where?

A. Same loci on sister chromatids

B. Daughter cells

C. Daughter chromatids

D. Sister chromasomes

E. Daughter Chromosomes

In what phase of mitosis do chromotids move to opposite sides of the cell?

A. Early prophase

B. Late prophase

C. Metaphase

D. Anaphase

The division of the nucleus is called monisitis




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