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Human Genome and Bioethics Review Quiz


The purpose of selective breeding is to 
A. Get bigger animals
B. get smaller animals
C. create animals with desirable traits
D. create animals with bad traits

Humans have_______ pairs of chromosomes, for a total of _______ chromosomes.

A. 24,48

B. 23,46

C. 25,100

D. 25,50

Which term refers to a farmer choosing the best corn from this year to plant next year?
A. natural selection
B. selective breeding
C. genetic engineering
D. genetic transformation

The failure of chromosomes to separate during gamete formation in called
A. nondisjunction
B. alleles
C. point mutation
D. cloning

GMO stands for
A. genetically made organism
B. genetically modified organism
C. gene manipulated organism
D. Genetic mutant organism

How many genes does the humane genome have?

A. About 20,000

B. 1,000

C. 46

D. 23 pairs

A chart that traces the inheritance of a trait in a family is called a(n)…

A. Pedigree

B. Karyotype

C. Genome

D. Autosome

Breeders can increase the _______________________ in a population by introducing mutations, which are the ultimate source of biological diversity

A. Genetic variation

B. Genome

C. Biotechology

D. Mutations

A picture of chromosomes arranged in groups is known as a(n)…

A. Generation

B. Pedigree

C. Karyotype

D. Chromoscopy

The best description of a GMO is _____.

A. Hybrid species.

B. Natural organisms.

C. Artificially manipulated species.

D. Healthiest species.

Chromosomal disorders, such as Down Syndrome, are caused by __________, or the failure of homologous chromosome separation during meiosis, occurs.

A. Nondisjunction

B. Recessive Alleles

C. Dominant Alleles

D. Codominance

What is NOT a reason to genetically modify plants? 
A. To make the plants poisonous to insects
B. Make plants drought resistant 
C. To produce fewer plants
D. Improve the nutrition of food grown

Cystic fibrosis is caused by
A. a small change in the DNA sequence of one gene.
B. nondisjunction during meiosis in the father.
C. crossing over between X and Y chromosomes.
D. the combined effects of several genes.

A crop of plants is more likely to survive a deadly virus if the plants:

A. Have unique DNA

B. Are planted close together

C. Receive little sunlight

D. Are cloned from the same plant

Which is not a base pair of DNA?

A. Cytosine

B. Thymine

C. Adenine

D. Guanine

E. DNA Ladder

A clone can be BEST thought of as a(n)  _____ created in the lab. 
A. identical twin
C. science fiction experiment

Which country does not have GMO’s banned?
A. Japan
B. United States
C. Australia
D. Europe

True or False-GMO’s have been proven to be harmful for humans to consume.



A characteristic that is encoded in DNA.
A. genome
B. sex-linked gene
C. genetic trait
D. down syndrome

Clones have the exact same:

A. Personalities

B. Physical appearances

C. Intelligence levels

D. Genetic material

How many base pairs (bp) are in the human genome?
A. 1 billion bp
B. 4 billion bp
C. 3 billion bp
D. 3.5 billion bp

Who is most likely to develop a sex-linked disorder?
A) Women
B) Children
C) Men
D) all of the above

Organisms that contain genes from a different organism are called – 
A. Transgenic
B. Recombinant
C. Cloned
D. Restricted

Which best describes a mutation?

A. An error in the DNA sequence

B. A positive change in the DNA sequence

C. Passing down DNA to offspring

D. Catching a disease and changing your DNA

The X and Y chromosomes are called the
A. extra chromosomes.
B. phenotypes.
C. sex chromosomes.
D. All of the answers are correct.


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