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How many eggs can a mosquito produce at one time?

A. about 50 eggs

B. about 100 eggs

C. about 150 eggs

D. about 200 eggs

Consuming coconut water is good because it has essential minerals and electrolytes which is good to prevent from__________________.

A. hydration

B. dehydration

C. malnutrition

D. nutrition

Papaya has medicinal properties to increase __________ production.

A. blood production

B. platelet

C. immune system

D. collagen

Sequence the life cycle of the mosquito.

A. Adult mosquito, Eggs, Larva, Pupa

B. Adult mosquito, Eggs, Pupa, Larva

C. Eggs, Larva, Pupa, Adult Mosquito

D. Eggs, Pupa, Larva, Adult Mosquito

Which of these diseases are not transmitted by mosquitoes?

A. Zika

B. Orange Fever

C. Dengue Fever

D. Chikugunya

The mosquito can lay eggs about _________ times in its life cycle.

A. 5 times

B. 4 times

C. 3 times

D. 2 times

Choose the best answer for each question.

Dengue Fever is caused by which mosquito?

A. Male Aedes mosquitoes

B. Female Aedes mosquitoes

C. Female Anopheles mosquitoes

D. Male Anopheles mosquitoes

The life cycle of a mosquito to develop fully takes approximately __________ days.

A. 3-5 days

B. 5-7 days

C. 6-8 days

D. 8-10 days

What does nauseous mean?

A. feeling sick

B. having fever

C. feeling like vomitting

D. having a headache


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