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Epidemiology Quiz


An example of morbidity is the number of people with cancer


B. False

The following are determinants of health except

A. Nutrition

B. Behavioral

C. Economic

D. None of the above

The following are health indicator except

A. Crude death rate

B. Life expectancy

C. Luxury expenditure

D. Proportional mortality rate

The following are types of disabilities except

A. Intellectual Disability

B. Physical Disability

C. Sensory Disability

D. None of the above

it is described as continuing condition of body or mind that restricts to do certain activities

A. risk factor

B. Medical investigation

C. Disability

D. Morbidity

Epidemiological triad can be applied to non – infectious disease where the agent could be unhealthy behaviors, unsafe practices or unintended exposure



It refers to prevalence measured over an interval of time

A. point of prevalence

B. Secondary attack rate

C. Person – Time Rate

D. None of the above

It is an occurrence or event in life in increases your chances of developing a condition or disease

A. Morbidity

B. Disability

C. Risk Factor

D. None of the above

The following maybe example of social determinants except

A. Quantity schools

B. Transportation option

C. Public safety

D. Residential segregation

Morbidity is measured in the following except

A. Frequency

B. Duration

C. Severity

D. Prognosis of disease


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