Medical Quiz

Cell Structure and Function Quiz


Which of the following tissues is made up of cells that contract when stimulated?

A. Epithelial

B. Connective

C. Muscle 

D. Nervous

_____________________ is a vascular tissue that carries sugars and other foods throughout a plant.

A. stems

B. phloem

C. roots

D. xylem

assist in Movement

A. Muscle Tissue

B. Nerve Tissue

C. Connective Tissue

connect other tissue types together

A. Connective Tissue

B. Muscle Tissue

C. Epithelial Tissue

D. Nerve Tissue

The body of a plant is made up of organs called roots, ________, and leaves.

A. vacuole

B. stems

C. cones

The nervous tissue that is found in the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves that conduct electrical signals.

A. blood

B. neurons

C. adipose

D. cardiac

makes proteins

A. nucleus

B. ribosomes

C. lysosomes

D. vacuole

changes and packages cell products

A. nucleus

B. cell wall

C. vacuole

D. golgi body

suspends organelles in the cell

A. cytoplasm

B. cell membrane

C. cell wall

D. ribosomes

What is the vascular tissue that carries water throughout a plant?

A. phloem

B. seedling

C. xylem

The very tiny bodies inside a cell are known as …

A. organelles

B. cytoplasm

C. Protoplasm

D. Cytoplasm

ONLY found in plant cells

A. nucleus

B. cell wall

C. cell membrane

D. lysosome

ONLY found in a plant cell

A. lysosome

B. cell membrane

C. chloroplast

D. nucleus

True or False. Prokaryotes contain cytoplasm.



The smallest unit of life is ____

A. a protist

B. an atom

C. bacteria

D. a cell

holds materials like water and is very large in a plant cell

A. nucleus

B. golgi body

C. chloroplast

D. vacuole

surrounds the cell; controls what enters/leaves cell; maintains homeostasis

A. vacuole

B. cell wall

C. cell membrane

D. lysosome

breaks down food to release energy

A. nucleus

B. lysosomes

C. mitochondria

D. vacuole

control the cell’s activities; contains the cell’s DNA

A. mitochondria

B. cell membrane

C. nucleus

D. golgi body

What is the difference between rough and smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum?

A. There is no difference.

B. Plants have rough ER, animals have smooth ER.

C. What type of injuries the Doctors treat.

D. Rough has ribosomes, smooth does not.


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